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Add Monitors

It only takes a few seconds to add a Domain name, IP address, or even an IP block to your monitoring list.

Get Notified

Monitors are checked every 4 hours, generating detailed reports and notifying you or your staff of any changes.

Take Action

If any of your IPs or Domains get blacklisted, you can start the delisting procedures before it gets to affect your clients.

Easy Management

We've designed our interface aiming for simplicity and efficiency, which is why it's extremely easy to add, search, filter, and manage your blacklist monitors. With our responsive interface you don't have to go through countless slow page loads in order to get things done.

Blacklist Reports

Each of your blacklist monitors will generate a detailed report every time it gets checked. You can make these reports public and share them with your colleagues or clients, you can bundle up these reports into Bulk Reports, and you can even fully customize your reports and make them your own with our White Label system.

Contact Lists

Create any number of contact lists and assign them to your blacklist monitors. The contacts included in a contact list will all be notified when our system detects any changes to your blacklist monitors. You can get notifications via Email, SMS, PushBullet, Pushover, Twitter, Slack, Discord, HipChat, PagerDuty, Telegram, and Webhooks.

Easy Management
Blacklist Reports
Contact Lists

Make our reports your own with the White Label system which allows you to fully customize your reports:
- set your own domain name or subdomain
- customize the browser window title
- put your own logo
- your own favicon
- change header, body, and footer colors to match your own site
- set the backlink to your website
- change icon colors
- even fully embed the reports into your website or billing system
- no trace of our brand name on your white label reports

You can check out how a White Label report looks like here: Demo Report

Simply bundle up more Blacklist Reports into a single one.

Perfect for sharing multiple reports at once with your clients, colleagues, or your delisting team/freelancer.

Bulk reports are fully searchable and can be sorted by most listed or by IP address.

You can also browse back through your entire history, being able to see at a glance multiple blacklist monitors history.

Bulk Reports also come in White Label just like any other reports generated by our platform:
Demo Blacklist Bulk Report

You can always manually check any IP right on the top of this page, or by going to the Blacklist Check page.

All reports generated this way are public and do not belong to any user.

All of your blacklist monitoring reports are by default private and can only be seen while logged into the account they belong to.

However, with just one click you can make any of your Reports public; and simply share its link with anyone you wish.

It also takes just another click to make it private again.

Or just use group actions to change the privacy of multiple reports at once.

If more changes occur at one checkup we'll just stack all of them into one notification email, so as not to spam you with an email for each change that was noticed.

Also, the notification emails are clean, short, and right to the point, containing links to each report of the monitors that suffered any changes.

Easily integrate the information generated by our platform into your own website or application.

And with our API Explorer it's extremely simple to quickly learn how to use our API Calls.

With our Sub-Accounts feature, you can easily invite your staff to join your HetrixTools team.

Once they sign up using the link included in your invite email, you will be able to set specific access levels for each of your sub-accounts.

Using sub-accounts makes team collaboration extremely simple on our platform.

For more info on how sub-accounts work be sure to check out our documentation:

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