Earn passive income and extra monitors by referring new users

Our Affiliate Program is an incentive for you to refer new users to our platform. In return we're rewarding both you and your referrals with extra Free Monitors (info); furthermore you will earn 10% recurring commission from your referrals if they ever decide to upgrade to a paid package.

Why should I recommend your services?
  • Even though the type of services that we offer are certainly not unique, we can say with certainty that our services are feature rich and have very competitive and attractive prices for what's included.
  • There's only a handful of competitors in this niche (as far as we have seen) that offer an appealing affiliate program.
  • We've put a lot of effort into making our services useful for the giant niche that is the web hosting industry. Be it a small company with a few servers, all the way up to big providers owning entire datacenters, they all need Uptime Monitoring and Blacklist Monitoring services.
  • Although some providers may have in-house systems built for this, we believe that the majority of providers are still wide open to the idea of purchasing such services from a third party provider.

All of the above are good reasons why it's quite easy (compared to other affiliate systems) to turn a website visitor into a client on our platform. And if you are the one that brings that visitor here, then you'll be earning 10% of all their income.

We're also providing you with an insightful Affiliate Dashboard where you can closely monitor your affiliate performance.
You will be able to see in real time information such as: total clicks on your affiliate link, paid/unpaid/total earnings, clients that have registered via your link, etc.
Transparency is very important to us, so we've done our best to make the Affiliate Dashboard contain as much information as possible without disclosing any of your referrals' private/personal info.
We are also open to any suggestions you may have regarding how the Affiliate Dashboard can be improved even further.

Furthermore, every new affiliate will start off with $3.00 (USD) in their affiliate balance.
This is just a small welcome bonus we're giving out to all our affiliates, and can be cashed out as soon as you reach the minimum payout amount of $10.00 (USD).

Please read the following very carefully:

  • affiliates are not allowed to refer themselves
  • affiliates should not try to defraud the system in any way
  • all commissions are held for 1 month after the invoice has been paid, to protect against chargebacks
  • if a chargeback still occurs after the commission has been paid out, we reserve the right to reduce said commission from your affiliate balance
  • affiliates with too many chargebacks generated by their referrals will be disabled
  • every payout is manually checked for fraud or suspicious activity
We kindly ask you not to try to 'fool' the affiliate system, as it would be pointless and will just end up being a waste of time.
Instead, you should work with the system and potentially generate a nice income.

How can I refer customers to HetrixTools?
You can find your affiliate link and banners in your Affiliate Dashboard.
When people visit our website from your affiliate link they will be marked, and if they register within 90 days they will become your referrals.

What's the minimum payout?
The minimum payout is (ten) $10.00 (USD).

What are the payout methods?
Currently we are only offering payouts via PayPal and Account Credit.

What is the pending commission?
After one of your referrals pays any of their invoices, you will be instantly awarded the 10% commission for that invoice, but this commission will be pending for one month to protect against fraud and chargebacks.
When the one month is up, the commission will be automatically marked as available for payout.

How do I request a payout?
You simply open a billing support ticket on our Help Desk, in which you should include your payout preference and information (ie: your PayPal address), along with the sum you wish to withdraw from your affiliate balance.

How long does it take to receive the payout?
It can take up to 48 hours for us to process your payout request, due to the fact that every payout is manually checked for fraud, which can take some time.

Other questions?
If you have any other questions or feedback/suggestions be sure to open a ticket and let us know.