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Add Monitors

It will only take you just a couple of seconds to add a website or service to your uptime monitors list.

Get Notified

If any of your uptime monitors ever goes offline you'll be instantly notified, uptime check is done every minute.

Take Action

Being notified as soon as the outage occurs you can immediately investigate the cause of the downtime.

Easy Management

Managing your Uptime Monitors is extremely simple with our intuitive, responsive, and blazing fast interface. There's no need to go through countless page loads in order to get things done. Adding or editing an uptime monitor only takes a few seconds; we know that your time is precious, so we won't waste it.

Detailed Reports

All Uptime Monitors will generate insightful detailed reports containing recent or monthly history: uptime, response time, outages, etc. You can even bundle these reports up into Bulk Reports to be more presentable, easier to read at a glance, and even serve as fully fledged Uptime Status pages.

Contact Lists

You can create an unlimited number of contact lists and assign these to your uptime monitors. All contacts included in a contact list will be notified when an outage is detected. You can get notifications via Email, SMS, PushBullet, Pushover, Twitter, Slack, Discord, HipChat, PagerDuty, Telegram, and Webhooks.

Simple Interface
Uptime Reports
Creating Contact Lists

More Features:

In addition to monitoring your uptime, you can also track your server's resource usage, display it in your Uptime Reports, and even set custom warnings to be notified if the usage gets too high.

Using our Server Monitoring Agent you can track the following:

  • Server Info (ie: operating system, processor info, system uptime, ram/swap/disk size)
  • CPU Usage
  • IO Wait Time
  • RAM Usage
  • Swap Usage
  • In/Out Network Usage
  • Individual disk usage
  • Status of running services on your server
Be sure to look through our documentation for further details:

Make our reports your own with the White Label system which allows you to fully customize your reports:

  • set your own domain name or subdomain
  • customize the browser window title
  • put your own logo
  • your own favicon
  • change header, body and footer colors to match your own site
  • set the backlink to your website
  • change icon colors
  • even fully embed the reports into your website or billing system
  • no trace of our brand name on your white label reports
You can check out an example of a white label uptime monitor report here: Demo White Label Report
(please excuse the randomness of colors in the above demo report)

Simply bundle up multiple Uptime Monitors into a single Uptime Bulk Report.
Perfect for sharing multiple reports at once with your clients or colleagues.

Bulk Reports also come in White Label just like any other reports generated by our platform:
Demo Uptime Bulk Report

You can also take a quick look through our Bulk Report Documentation.

Domain Expiration Monitoring - Monitor your domains' expiration dates, and get alerted before your domains expire; so you can renew them in time.

NameServer Monitoring - Get alerted if your domains' nameservers change unexpectedly.

SSL Authenticity Monitoring - Monitor the validity and authenticity of your SSL Certificates.

SSL Expiration Monitoring - Keep track of when your SSL Certificates expire, and get alerted beforehand.

Repeated Alerts - You can select to keep receiving outage alerts until your Uptime Monitor comes back online. Set how many repeated alerts and how often to receive them.

Every uptime monitor report generated by your account is private by default.

It only takes just one click to switch between Private and Public reports.

Once a report has been made public you can share it to be viewed by anyone who has the uptime monitor report link.

Read more about this feature here:

If you select any contact list for your uptime monitors, you will receive insightful notifications every time any of your uptime monitors goes offline and comes back online. These notifications will help you take action so you can bring your website or service back online as fast as possible.

You can configure the following notification methods in any of your contact lists:
Email Notifications
SMS Notifications
PushBullet Notifications
Pushover Notifications
Twitter Direct Message Notifications
Slack Notifications
HipChat Notifications
PagerDuty Notifications

You can even configure your alerts to repeat until your uptime monitor comes back online with our Repeated Alerts system.

Easily integrate the information generated by our platform into your own website or application.

With our API Explorer it's extremely simple to quickly learn how to use our API Calls.

Live Detected Outages

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