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HetrixTools - Reviews

See what our clients have to say.


Hello.. i am using the hetrixtools.com service for the monitoring of the ip's.. i must say this service is really awesome and their support top notch and fast.. i was using some other service for the monitoring i would like not to mention here online (famous one) and this hetrixtools.com is top compare to this before..easy to manage the ip's and friendly website for a starter not like the rest which ask you for bunch of money in every single step.. i would like just to notify other people who may interested into this and to write how things are.. thank you

Elixant Technology

Elixant Technology has been utilizing HetrixTools for both Blacklist and Uptime monitoring of our IP ranges. Up until we started using HetrixTools we would spend countless hours each day checking our ranges IP by IP to ensure we were clean. Now, every day we receive notifications like clockwork letting us know if something is out of the normal! Not only has this made things easier for us, but also it gives us peace of mind every time we add more IP space to our network.


Knowing an IP is listed, and quickly troubleshooting reduces support requests, and increases customer satisfaction, HetrixTools provides us with the tools and reports that gives us the time to react much more efficiently than other similar services.
That, translates to even more satisfied customers and better reputation for our own services.

PDS Solutions, LLC

I've recently begun using the HetrixTools platform to monitor my email IP addresses to minimize the impact of blacklisting as well as website monitoring to be alerted in real-time of issues with my websites.


We at Ertomedia use HetrixTools to monitor all the hosting servers for our client's website and the results are satisfactory. Plus there is also the option to customize the status report in accordance with our brand is a value added compared to other services.

mellow Host

It has been a great service so far, I used to use mxtoolbox before and shifted to hetrixtools for about a month now. I find hetrixtools better and accurate with additional blacklists than mxtoolbox.

I will add a higher plan and shift all my IP checking to hetrixtools shortly. Keep up the good work (y)


As we are in the hosting industry, sometimes we have clients who abuse our network. We use HetrixTools to monitor our IP's to see if we are on any of the blacklists. HetrixTools does the job, and it does it very well.


An essential service for monitoring our servers and customer servers.


HetrixTools has been nothing short of excellent. It's continually developed and improved upon, quickly reacts to changes and notifies our staff of any discrepancies. The API works great as well, and the service is affordable beyond belief compared to what it offers. Keep it up!


I have been using the HetrixTools platform to monitor my website's uptime and my network's uptime in Dallas. I have also been using it to monitor about 300 IP Addresses to keep my network clean for my customers. I used this for 1 month then stopped, but I plan to use it long term now because the pricing is so great.


We have been using HetrixTools platform in order to monitor our significant amount of IPs throughout all our network. We have been looking for such a solution and opted for internal solutions until we found about HetrixTools. It does very well and beyond what it does with an excellent and unexpected customer services. The interface is slick and easy to use. Absolutely Recommended!


Great tool to monitor in Internet our company reputation and maintain defense against attacks.


Using it to monitor uptime and track resource usage of customers managed VPS and Dedicated Servers. Also tracking IP addresses for shared hosting servers in the blacklist monitors.


We are using it for the monitoring of all our IP's used. And we LOVE your service.

Portal Network Co.

HetrixTools provides us with the insights critical in maintaining a favorable reputation across all of our platforms and throughout the internet - the Slack integration are a massive bonus that keeps our team in the loop without disrupting regular work flows.


We've been monitoring our IP space recently for the past 4 months and found the service to be invaluable in ensuring our customers don't have issues with email deliverability. This company provides a valuable service at a reasonable rate compared to some other larger names out that charge much much more.


We use it for blacklist monitoring and uptime monitoring. This service has been a big help to us by getting notifications when our servers are down or an IP of ours is on a blacklist.


I would just like to leave a mini review for this service as it is excellent! Their control panel is very easy to use, IPs are monitored automatically, and you are notified of any changes IE when your servers go offline and come back online again.

It is well worth the money. We are using the Business Uptime Monitoring package.

Support even let me know I forgot to update the title on embed code and suggested me to change the background colour so it blended with our website better, which I forgot to do been as I was revamping the whole website.

You can view the integration at Web Hosting Uptime Statistics or white label page http://status.hostxnow.com/

We use both HetrixTools's Blacklist monitoring and Uptime monitoring services now.

Congrats Andrei/HetrixTools

Best regards,

UncommonTrend Solutions, LLC.

We've been using HetrixTools to make sure that the servers, our site and our customers' sites operate on are never down or have blacklisted IP addresses. We even configured HetrixTools to tell our team through Slack if something ever goes wrong. It's an intuitive platform and great for automated checks. We'd highly recommend it to anybody.


Easy to track and monitor all, all in one place, same like Hostiso services, we love simplicity, easy to use and most important correct information.


HetrixTools allows us to ensure that all customers have the best experience possible, and root out those who abuse our network.


Excellent Monitoring Tool. Easy to use interface. Very prompt notifications through many channels. An indispensable tool for Server Admins. Highly Recommended.

Zulu eDM

We use Hetrix to manage our IP Blacklist status and then process the de-listing using the dynamic links. We came from another provider, great service and great price.


HetrixTools asegurar que nuestros clientes no tengan problemas para enviar correos.

HetrixTools ensures that our customers do not have problems sending mail.


Experience has been good, easy to use, navigate around the platform... Good way to keep an eye on IPs.

It will help us keep spam from our hosting to a minimum.


We let people co-create across social media and email. To make sure invitations and notifications for collaboration projects don't get lost in spam filters it is of the utmost importance for us that our web-server doesn't get blacklisted. HetrixTools helps us to do so.


As we are growing rapidly with our cloud servers, and adding our own ARIN IP range, HetrixTools keeps us ahead of major issues. Knowing an IP is blacklist, and quickly troubleshooting reduces support tickets, and increases customer satisfaction. After some research, I truly believe that HetrixTools the most cost effective solution to manage blacklists.


We like the easy access to data and making reports. Also reputation issues just became much easier to solve in the daily operations. This is just what we waited for - love disruption.

Boom Host Inc

Boom Host has been using your Business Uptime Monitoring features for the past 5 months or so. Both our NOC and Server Admin teams just love your service and the great features you guys offer through sub-accounts.


HetrixTools Blacklist Monitors helps us keep an eye on activities from our dedicated servers, VPS cloud and datacenter colocation customers. The regular updates really go a long way towards helping our techs stay pro-active in detecting possible outbreaks and notifying customers of issues that require their attention.

Guardian Hosting

Guardian Hosting has been utilizing StatusCake over the past few months to monitor our servers uptime. Recently, we started to use HetrixTools to monitor the network of our cabinet. We're currently on the free plan, just testing the uptime of one of our IPs, and we also use the free IP blacklist tool to ensure our IPs don't get blacklisted. Luckily by using this tool, we managed to find out that every single one of our IPs that were allocated to us were blacklisted, and we found out easily had those delisted. Now, we use HetrixTools to ensure that we can show our clients a report of us maintaining a good network uptime, and a tool for us to make sure our IPs don't get blacklisted, and if they do, to get them delisted.


I use Hetrix from the beginning and I love it.


We use both of your premium services for our business. Everything is clean, simple and very professionally designed.

GB Network Solutions

Very good platform and keep NOC team alert of any issues.

ServerAstra Ltd.

A perfect tool to identify spammers before you receive abuse complaints. Value for the money.

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