Global Uptime Monitor

Our 12 monitoring locations around the world will constantly be checking up on your websites & servers so that any outage is immediately detected.

Accurate Outage Detection

Unlike most Uptime Monitors, our system checks the online status from multiple locations simultaneously, to ensure maximum accuracy.

Public Status Page

Being transparent is extremely important, so keep your clients always informed of your network's uptime status.

Server Monitor

Prevent outages by keeping an eye on your server's resources, and receive alerts if the usage ever becomes dangerously high.

Outage Diagnostics

During an outage, our system will collect the exact encountered errors along with ping and MTR samples, to help you debug the issue.

Domain Expiration Monitor

Don't let your domains expire, causing outages or even domain losses. Receive warnings if any of your domains are about to expire.

SSL Monitor

A good way of preventing certain downtimes is to keep an eye on your SSL certificates, and receive warnings if they're invalid or about to expire.

Nameservers Change Monitor

It's never a good sign if your domain's nameservers unexpectedly change, but our system will send you alerts whenever this happens.


Invite your colleagues to work with you on our platform. They'll be part of your team, and you can even configure specific access levels for them.

White Label Reports

Customize our Uptime Reports and Status Page to make them your own, with your own domain, logo, favicon, colors, and backlink to your own website.

Premium Support

If you ever require assistance on how to use our platform, our in-house friendly staff will always help you out, either via Live Chat, or via Support Tickets.

API Access

Integrate our data into your own applications and websites. Our system allows you to configure multiple API Keys with different access levels.


Uptime Checks Performed Today

522,267,143 yesterday


Diagnostics Collected Today

513,794 yesterday


Outages Detected Today

32,802 yesterday

Want to maximize your Uptime?

Use our platform to monitor all of your Websites and Servers easily and cost-effective. You will be notified as soon as an outage occurs, so you can quickly find the cause and fix the issue in order to minimize the downtime for your business and clients. Furthermore, using our Server Monitor (included for free) you can receive alerts when your servers start using up too many resources, which in most cases can help you completely prevent an outage from happening.

Our platform can help you:

Notice as soon as your websites or servers go down

Monitor your server's resources, and get alerts on high usage

Stay transparent to your clients by displaying your service status

Notice when your domains or SSL certificates are about to expire

Investigate the cause of your downtimes

Notice when your domain's nameservers have unexpectedly changed

How it works

(in 3 easy steps)


Add Monitors

It only takes just a couple of seconds to add a Website or Server to your uptime monitors list. We've designed our interface aiming for simplicity and efficiency, which is why it's extremely easy to add, search, modify, and overall manage your uptime monitors. With our responsive interface you don't have to go through countless slow page loads in order to get things done; we know that your time is precious, so we won't waste it.


Get Notified

Our platform will constantly check your Uptime Monitors, as often as every minute around the clock, and will notify you or your staff of any detected problems. You can create any number of Contact Lists, which you can assign to your Uptime Monitors. Configure notifications via Email, SMS, Telegram, PushBullet, Pushover,, Slack, Discord, Mattermost, RocketChat, Microsoft Teams, PagerDuty, OpsGenie, VictorOps, Zenduty, and Webhooks.


Take Action

You'll be notified as soon as an outage is detected, so you can immediately investigate the root cause of the downtime. All of your Uptime Monitors will generate insightful detailed reports containing recent or monthly history: uptime status, response times, outages, diagnostics, etc. You can even bundle up these reports into a Public Uptime Status page, which you can use to keep your users constantly informed of your service status.

Live Outages

The outages currently detected by our system.

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